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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Last Day of Vacation

Today is my last day of freedom before returning to work. Thankfully I like my job, so I'm not overly upset, but I have tried to jam as much stuff into today as possible.

Welcome to Operation Reunion Weekend

I went to MC Dance & Fitness for Kick Kamp with Yves this morning. It was great to spend some time with him and Coco. I felt a thousand times better today than the last time I went and my knee didn't really bother me at all. We ran laps in between kickboxing segments and dear lord was that hard. Some of the ladies cut the corners on the laps and I always feel like a tool making sure I hit the truck and then the street sign, but then I tell myself that I'm getting the better workout. It reminds me of sleep-away camp when some of the girls in the older bunks would half-ass boxing class and somehow I was made to feel stupid for my energy and their laziness. Anyway, class was amazing as usual and I loved it.

Everyone takes selfies before class.
I'm loving these Champion bermuda shorts FYI.
I skidaddled on home to call my shrink from the backyard. I kind of prefer our phone sessions because they allow me to chain smoke and avoid eye contact. Nothing new to report on that front. I still don't know how to make friends and the entire world revolves around me.

I housed a large Dunkin ice coffee while on the phone and then drove to Beach Bum Tanning. I don't advise that you consume 32 oz of caffeine and then hop in a tanning bed because I had to pee the entire time and it was not fun. I also think the girls that work there think something is wrong with me because I used their bathroom when I arrived and as I was leaving 16 minutes later.

Behold the Kiwi King!
My usual beds, the P90 and the KBL America, were in use so I used the Kiwi King and I am a big fan. The top is much closer to your face than the other beds but who the hell cares - it reminds me of the old fashioned kind we used in Wallingford. You can adjust the face lamps, which is awesome because I turned them down with 5 minutes to go. My face is a little red on my cheeks and nose to mimic a real tan. The tell-tale fake and bake is a uniform tan across your face so I make an effort to redden up a bit.

Skin brown, teeth white, clothing glowing.
I took a quick shower, dropped by Angel Tips for some waxing, and then headed to Morel Hair Design for a haircut with Jorge. My hair looks great as usual.

Now I'm at Westbury Chrysler waiting for Petunia's oil change and for her AC to be fixed. The air coming out of the vents is even hotter than it is outside and now my blowout is all wind strewn from having to drive down here with the windows open. FIRST WORLD PROBLEMS.

I took this lovely photo of myself using Photobooth. Now I am getting funny looks.

Westbury Chrysler service station has free wireless but it blocks Facebook and PicMonkey. Clearly the two things I wanted.

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