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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Maybe Mean Kids and Killer Whales are Incorrigible

Lately I've noticed that I've been in a snippy mood and I haven't had much patience for people. I spent some time at home this weekend and at dinner we discussed how my family just isn't that nice or friendly. We all have the capacity to be nice, but no one would say that niceness is a main character trait any of us possess. The prevailing sentiment was that people that are genuinely nice and see the good in everyone are actually just naive because they don't seem to have the sense to see what people are really capable of. Or as my mother puts it, "I don't like people. I prefer cats."

Did you know that if a cat is confined in a space with its dead human owner, it will eat its owner to survive? A dog will lie down and cry next to the dead body. Survival of the fittest.

I like the idea of people, but I'm not sure I actually like people. I really like strangers and going to parties where I don't know anyone besides one other person. It's interesting to pretend to care what they have to say and then never see them again. Maybe like our old friend Tilikum, we only think that I'm safe to play with and I am actually biding my time waiting to drag your body around the pool in front of screaming children.

There's been three separate situations this week, and mind you it's not even 10 AM on Tuesday, that I have been on track to get someone to cry, mostly because I wanted to know what I ever did to make them think that I liked them or that this is a two-way street, and I stopped myself. It's like blue balls for mean kids.

I PR'd my front squat yesterday - 135 lbs. Our metcon was 4 rounds of 500m row and 15 thrusters followed by a resting period of however long it took you to row the 500m. There was a 20 minute time cap. I made it through 3 rounds in 18:21 and then had to rest out the remaining time. My 500m rows were 1:54, 1:56, and 2:00. I used 53 lbs for the thrusters.


  1. Wow. I thought my family who sat around and talked about how we are mean... Good to know that other families out there do it as well. Getting myself, my mother, my two sisters, and any additional females in the family together and it can turn into a feeding frenzy on any said person who has offended one of us. I don't know if it is normal to be truly nice all the time. I try, but once I'm back in my pod the truth of my thoughts comes out. Thanks for sharing this post, I enjoyed this one a lot!

  2. Hi Ashley! I think it's difficult to balance acting nice and being honest. I recently admitted to a close friend that I couldn't stand a friend of hers that she always invites to join us. My friend wanted to know when I started feeling this way and I was like, from the moment I met her, which lead into a whole conversation about how I never acted like I didn't like her. I think I was raised better than to act like I dislike someone but I never respond to the girl's messages and I blocked her on all social media and avoid all situations where I might have to see her.

    I know there are definitely times when I have nothing nice to say, even to be people I generally like, and I should really just get myself out of the situation. I have a tendency to lash out and let people have it and it's usually because I've been stewing about something for days or even weeks.


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