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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

New Found Necessities

I wore all of these shoes today.
When I first started CrossFit, I wouldn't let myself buy a pair of Nanos because I felt like I had to earn them. I showed up everyday in shorts, a tank, and a sports bra and an old pair of Nike Frees or my racing flats, carrying a water bottle. Pretty simple. But then I felt like I had earned a pair of Nanos so I bought myself a pair. 

Around the same time, I decided I needed to bring my tape with me just in case I needed it mid-WOD. (I've been carrying fabric medical tape in my bag for years. If you want to be the most popular person at the party, pull out a roll when someone inevitably starts bleeding, breaks a toe, or needs to reattach their flip flops.) And I've always had an obsession with keeping Chapstick near me so that started coming down the stairs too.

Once I hit my CrossFit half anniversary (Nothing irks me more than people that say whatever month anniversary. Anniversary means returning yearly and comes from the Latin words annus and versus.), I decided that I should ask Santa for a pair of Oly shoes. Well unless it's deadlift day those beautiful blue specimens are coming too.

And the wrist wraps. I need to rep my CFHK pride and keep my wrists stable so I wear a pair of PR wraps personalized for our box. They're tucked into my shoes with the Chapstick, the tape, and my cell phone because I need to be able to take pictures of people and refer to the Big Lifts app.

Then there's the jump rope. Well now that I can do THIRTY-ONE unbroken doubleunders, any old rope would no longer do. My On the Double cable rope from Punk Rope arrived today but I've been bringing my Punk Rope speed rope to WOD for months. You need your own rope so you can fret about having it just right and feel confident that your special rope will ensure doubleunder success. I actually have no real attachment to any rope as long as I can use a cable rope sized for someone around my height. But sometimes there are too many 5'5.5" women in a class and you end up being forced to use an evil beaded rope and then you become neurotic about dragging a jump rope with you because WHAT IF there's surprise doubleunders?

We actually do doubleunders almost every day now because Anthony decided that the only way to get people to learn them was to make them practice but it was clear not enough of us were practicing on our own. Guilty. Since we started the tabata doubleunders and 100 doubleunders in 3 minutes or less, I have seen a real improvement. Today I got my 100 in 2:04.

Since CrossFitters are supposed to be ready for anything, I feel that I am a little too attached to all of the things I bring with me each day.

pretty effective doorstop

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