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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Weight Loss Wednesday 3.18.15

Today is Weight Loss Wednesday and there was no weight lost. 147.4 for another week in a row. Might have had something to do with my Mexican feast on Sunday. Today I went to CrossFit at 9:30 AM and was in a bit of a rush to take these photos. Please enjoy some super shots of my badass slippers.

I broke my toe on Sunday after 15.3. I wanted to do some muscle up progressions and I stood on two stacks of 45# plates. You leave a space in between the stacks for your feet to move through when you kip. I have a tendency to fling my legs out all willy nilly, and even though I've been told numerous times to keep my feet together and my butt tight when kipping, I didn't heed that advice and slammed my left foot straight into the stack of plates.

Behold my Picmonkey skills! No filter used.
It hurts like a bitch but it feels better to run than to walk. I've been going to CrossFit but I'm being mindful of my toe. I managed to bust out some sub-4-minute 800s with a bum foot though!

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