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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Being a Little More Green

I've recently discovered my love for the show Archer after hearing for years that I would really like it. I'm on season 3 and I started watching on Friday night. I am obsessed. So somewhere between then and now, I learned that the character Lana is really into the environment, and I was like, shit, remember when I was really into the environment? I once tried to convince my parents to let me start a compost pile in the backyard. Now I don't even recycle. I had no idea that there are recycling bins behind the dumpsters for the entire first year I lived in my apartment complex. That's pretty bad.

But there's good news - I am no longer chucking 72 aluminum cans in the dumpster each week (that comes out to 3 cases - and y'all thought I was kidding when I said I was addicted to La Croix) because my boyfriend surprised me with the best gift ever - a SodaStream! I can drink as much seltzer as my little heart desires in the reusable bottles. Jeremy told me he bought it for me because he was tired of seeing the trail of La Croix cans I leave in my wake. Just marking my territory...

Sadly, I can only keep the flowers on the table when I am home because I have curious dogs.

I treated myself to a Pure Barre Tervis the other day and I am thrilled because I finally solved my MyFitnessPal water problem. So the damn app only tracks water in cups. I always bought 1.5 liter bottles of water at Publix. I would get annoyed with the conversion and forget to track my water intake and then end up having to guess because my memory has been shot to hell from lack of sleep and stress over a dog who simply refuses to become house-trained. The Tervis is 24 oz and has hash marks for every 8 oz. I fill it up with seltzer from the SodaStream and make this little reminder in my Day Designer. I'm trying to avoid drinking directly out of the SodaStream bottles because they are not dishwash safe and I want to minimize handwashing them because I refuse to do that ish since I moved out of NYC.

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