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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Row. Tone. Om.

Last Saturday I went to Row. Tone. Om. in Piedmont Park. It was a 90 minute circuit class combining Orangetheory, Pure Barre Virginia Highland, and Highland Yoga.

Even though I woke up before my alarm, I still managed to be late. I live on one side of the park and I always underestimate the amount of time it takes to get to the other side. Obviously this event was on the other side near 14th Street.

photo courtesy of Pure Barre VaHi

My first circuit was yoga. That's me way in the back on the turquoise mat. It was a good way to start the day and get warmed up. I am proud to say that downward dogs are not as difficult as they once were for me. Pure Barre has really increased my flexibility.

photo courtesy of Pure Barre VaHi

Then it was time for Orangetheory. I have mixed feelings about Orangetheory. People seem to love it. I know a few instructors. I hear how it's "soooo much safer than CrossFit," but I also know more people who have gotten injured at Orangetheory than CrossFit. I take issue when people compare their program to CrossFit and then try to tell me it's safer, so maybe I am just being bias against the entire franchise because of a few people running their mouths.

We paired up and one partner rowed while the other did a bodyweight movement or something with the medicine ball. We did woodchoppers, mountain climbers, burpees, and med ball push-ups. You don't have to get your chest on the ground for Orangetheory burpees so maybe I should ditch CrossFit for it.

My friend from college, David Jones, is the director of sales and marketing for WaterRower and I've been wanting to try one since he told me about them back in 2013. It's the rower Frank Underwood uses on House of Cards, and also the kind used at Orangetheory. It definitely feels different than a Concept2 rower but I really liked it. If I ever have the space for a home gym, I'd buy one because I like the way it feels and it's a lot better looking than the Concept2.

photo courtesy of Pure Barre VaHi

I finished the event with my favorite workout of the bunch - Pure Barre! It was really fun to have so many instructors in the class and demonstrating the movements. Normally we just have one. A fence made a good stand in for a ballet barre, which got me thinking about my porch railing. I should practice the difficult movements at home some time.

The morning ended with a raffle, but sadly I did not win. A rep from Bamboo juices came with samples and I had the best green juice. She said Bamboo is available at the Piedmont Park farmer's market so I will definitely bring some cash the next time I'm in the park on a Saturday.

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