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Monday, February 27, 2017

CrossFit Open 17.1

The Open is here! It's the magical time of the year when the community comes together for 5 weeks of anxiety, PRs, vomiting, and a general hate for Dave Castro. I am so fucking excited.

All I want is an Open season where I don't have to travel for work at all. Unfortunately February/March tends to be my busy travel season. I thought I had planned my travel perfectly so that I would fly back every Thursday night in time for Friday Night Lights, but God laughs at our perfectly made plans. Last week I was in Houston and found out that I would need to fly to Iowa on Thursday to attend my grandmother's funeral on Friday. I'm sad. She was a fantastic lady, and I will miss her very much. My poor boyfriend has bore the brunt of my sadness and associated nastiness because I'm a jerk who can't let people be nice to me. And because I am neurotic as all hell, I decided to become obsessed with pinning down exactly when and where I would do the 17.1 workout since I'd be freezing my ass off in Iowa while all my friends were at CrossFit Identity's Friday Night Lights.

All the fretting was senseless because I went with the boyfriend to CrossFit Downtown Atlanta on Sunday morning and everything was great. Coach Michael got us all set up. Coach Brian was my judge. The boyfriend and I got to compete at the same time, which meant I wasn't available to judge him or cheer for him and he didn't have to throw a 50# dumbbell at my head. (We actually really like each other. I promise.) All great things.

Coach Brian and me post-WOD

Dave Castro has been alluding to dumbbell movements over the last month, putting the CrossFit community into a tizzy as folks scrambled to buy 35# and 50# dumbbells. Then we all made predictions about what we would need to do with those dumbbells. I said snatches and I was right.

Workout 17.1
10 snatches
15 burpee box jump-overs
20 snatches
15 burpee box jump-overs
30 snatches
15 burpee box jump-overs
40 snatches
15 burpee box jump-overs
50 snatches
15 burpee box jump-overs

20 minute time cap
50/35# dumbbell
24/20" box

I tried using 35# for a dumbbell snatch for the first time on February 10. I could do it but I scaled down to 25# for the WOD. I feel accomplished that I was able to get as far as I did with 35# because that's a pretty heavy weight to lock out overhead with my right arm. I also think back to my Equinox days with Omar when I thought an 8# dumbbell snatch was hard.

I was pretty worried about the snatches, but the burpee box jump-overs were the real beast. The first round, I was doing a 180 hop off the back of the box, feeling all good about myself. The second round had me gingerly jumping up because I was concerned I'd miss the 20 inch box (I do 24 inch box jumps the rest of the year to make the Open feel easier) and I was basically just walking off the back and hoping for death.

I really wanted to finish under the time cap, but I knew going into it that I realistically would not. I got 35 reps into the round of 50. I'm happy with my performance but also really fucking annoyed that Kayte beat me by 22 reps. She's gotten much better than me at CrossFit and it's killing me. I'm also really proud of her so I flip flop between wanting to Tonya Harding her ass and being her biggest fan.

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