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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Weight Loss Wednesday 2.7.17

I weighed 140.4 lbs on Sunday morning and 147.2 lbs on Monday morning. That, folks, is how you do Super Bowl eating. Special shout-out to Mary, my other mama, who made the best chocolate chip cookies I have ever eaten... and I ate like 50 of them. Notable mentions go to the red velvet cupcakes, the pigs in a blanket that I dipped in guacamole, Melissa's mac and cheese, and the hot dog bar at Melrose and McQueen. Who would have thought to put fried chicken skins on a hot dog? A fucking genius, that's who.

Today I clocked in at 144.4 lbs. I felt really good at the 6:30 AM class today, even though I had trouble falling asleep last night. We had a 7 minute EMOM of a light weight snatch pull, squat clean, hang squat clean complex. I used 55#. The WOD was 5 rounds for time of 20 wallballs and 5 muscle ups. You could sub 1 rope climb for the 5 muscle ups, which I did. I finished in 9:43 and Coach Blaine told us it was supposed to be a 10 minute workout. I love when I scale appropriately.

By the way, I'm loving my NOBULLs for rope climbs. My leopard print laces not so much. They kept coming untied!

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