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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Weight Loss Wednesday 2.1.17

I took these photos at 5 in the morning before my flight to New Jersey. That's how much I love you guys. I weighed in at 143. I ate all the carbs the night before and it felt glorious.

I highly recommend taking progress photos. The photo below was taken on February 1, 2016 and I weighed 143.8 lbs. I remember being so excited that I was under 145 lbs.

Body composition is everything. I don't care if I weigh 105 or 150, as long as I look good and kill it in the gym. I am 0.8 lbs lighter in the photo on the left, but I am a lot leaner. Following macros and going on a reverse diet have made significant changes in my body composition.

And I found this cute post on my Timehop. Hitting 150 lbs scared the shit out of me, especially because I had weighed 137 lbs a few months before. Granted, I didn't eat at 137 lbs and I pinned myself under a 35# barbell, but still. But 4 weeks after my February 1, 2015 photo was taken, I weighed 150 lbs again. I went balls to wall in Austin on a business trip and ate everything in sight. The number on the scale is really just a number, but it holds so much power over many of us. Seeing 143 used to be a victory for me, but now it's the sign of eating all my carbs right before bedtime. As I continue to pursue my performance and aesthetic goals, I hope to learn to see the scale as a tool to judge progress, and not the be all end all of my goals.

And Chad is still by far one of my favorite humans on Earth. If you can make it to Dix Hills, get your ass over there.

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