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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Is It Socially Acceptable to Feign Injury To Get an Attractive Runner's Number?

Tonight I couldn't bring myself to workout indoors and decided to head to Central Park. Monday's excursion through the park got me thinking about the Reservoir Track and so that's where I headed after work.

Monday night's storms had left puddles all over the track, but I was kind of into the obstacle course. While maneuvering around these puddles I spotted a very attractive, tall, and blond runner running in the opposite direction. I saw him again on my second lap and again on my third. I smiled the third time I passed him, but running doesn't really permit the time to strike up a casual conversation.

So I began to think. What if I fell in front of him? Wouldn't he feel a little obligated to stop and help me up? Would I actually want to meet someone who wouldn't stop and help me up? I'm pretty klutzy so it's not too much of a stretch of the imagination that I would miss a step and sprawl out in the middle of the path. I think I'd look pretty cute covered in mud. Alas, I did not throw myself to the ground, mainly because it was getting dark and I could feel horrible blisters forming on my arches. Maybe next time.

Sunset over the Reservoir

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