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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Team RuNNuR Completes the Oyster Festival 5K

People with unpronounceable names
make better runners.
This morning Palindrome and I ran the Town of Oyster Bay Supervisor's 5K, which kicks off the Oyster Festival. I completed the course in 21 minutes and 55 seconds - the EXACT amount of time it took me to run the last one! My pace was 7:03 and I placed 98th out of 650. I placed 5th in my division and 20th for my sex. Awesome way to start my Saturday.

It was much more fun to have a friend at a race. The Get Outside on Governors Island 10K sucked for many reasons, but mostly because I was lonely. Everyone else seemed to be with a group and I had no one to talk to. The people I tried to strike up conversations with were not so friendly, which I found shocking because people are usually much more receptive to me. After the race was over and I couldn't find my jacket and I was convinced I had hypothermia, facebook told me that Palindrome was seated right near me on the ferry back to civilization. He also felt lonely and excluded from the merriment. This is how Team RuNNuR was formed. We're getting technical t-shirts made, NBD.

The supercool print-out of my running stats.

I saw my friend and former babysitter Maryanne at the finish line. This was her first race ever and she is training for a half marathon. I am very proud of her!

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