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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Titan Method

I finally made it to Omar's new signature class, Titan Method. It was the best hour I've spent in the gym in a long time.

The Titan Method "uses five minute training rounds that alternate resistance and body weight drills to develop muscular strength, endurance, and cardio fitness." What this translates to is an intense amount of work for five minutes and then thirty seconds to mop the puddles of sweat off the floor before the next round begins.

My favorite move was the burpee to the training squat to the box jump. To do this on your own, put a step on two sets of risers. Place your hands on the step and jump back into a plank. Jump back into a squat and lightly sit on the step. From this seated position, you jump up and onto the bench. Jump back down so that you are straddling the bench and go straight into your next burpee. Repeat for 2 minutes. Grunt and holler as needed.

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