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Monday, April 4, 2011

Student Likes Spinach?

One of my students was eyeing my container of baby spinach today. I spend so much time encouraging healthy eating habits that I couldn't deny her request for a small plate of leafy greens. The little girl then topped it with some of her orange slices, which tasted quite good. I recommend adding some crushed walnuts and a little balsamic vinegar, and you'd have a super healthy and tasty afternoon mini-meal.

A cluster (aka prep period, or "special" for my EWS alumni) teacher at my school has introduced a health unit into his curriculum. My students received a workbook about the importance of breakfast and healthy eating and a pedometer. I was so psyched when I got one too! We've been tracking our breakfast consumption on a giant poster, and we're going to use the data for our graphing unit. New York requires students to learn about nutrition and how to read nutrition labels. I think incorporating this knowledge into a math unit is a great way to reinforce its importance while teaching other skills.

If you have the opportunity to teach children about health and nutrition, you definitely should. You never know if you are their only source informing them on how to make healthy choices. I may buy my class donuts, but I think my daily actions set an example for how to eat and what should be considered a treat. Our nation is facing a serious childhood obesity problem. It is really surprising how many kids simply don't understand what and how much to eat.

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