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Monday, August 8, 2011

Miscalculations and Uncertain Situations

I don't handle uncertainty well. I like to know things, even if I don't like the outcome. Either I don't have a job or I do have a job. Or I got hired for the new job or not hired for the new job. The new job exists or it doesn't exist. The same goes for my personal life. We are in a relationship or we are not in a relationship. You are my friend or you are not my friend. What the heck is this "in limbo" crap? People need to start making decisions.

I was pacing around my house this morning, trying to figure out my next steps, when I realized I was getting nothing accomplished in my pajamas. I got into my running gear and hit the road. My training plan said six miles and I promised myself I would do six miles even if my feet hurt and my body felt like it was running on diluted whisky fumes... oh wait, it probably was.

I don't like to run with music that often, especially when I have thinking to do. Focusing on the run and my surroundings helps clear my mind, and around mile four, I started getting into a groove and was able to make some decisions. I had a plan of action for the rest of the day. I no longer felt like gnawing through my fingernails and pulling out all of my eyebrows (I'm weird. Get over it.) I was feeling ready to conquer the world when I finished up the six mile run, but low and behold, I was still 1.5 miles away from home.

What do you do when you finish your run and you realize you have miscalculated the distance? Obviously you have to get home somehow. These are some options:
  1. Keep running. 
On days when this is just not going to happen:
  1. Find the closest public transportation. This is probably most convenient if you live in a major city.
  2. Pause your Nike+ GPS and use your iPhone to call someone to come pick you up.
  3. Use the remaining distance to get your cross-training in.
Number 3 explains why motorists on 25A saw me doing walking lunges down the highway. I followed these up with some butt-kicks. Then I alternated for a bit. Never underestimate the power of an audience on your form.

* Things are looking up on the employment front.
** I still have commitment issues.


  1. oh my. i am the same way. none of this limbo stuff. cannot handle. seconded with eyebrows too. maybe its an ews thing

  2. Do you think it was instilled in us like the firm handshake?


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