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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Weight Loss Wednesday 9.5.12

I'm starting a new weekly feature called Weight Loss Wednesday. Maybe it'll be easier for me to avoid Chinese food if I know that my weight is going to be posted on the internet each week.

This morning I weight 145.4 lbs. Yup, I qualify as an Athena runner. I do not make this stuff up thank you.

I'd like to lose about 15 lbs, but my real goal is to lower my body fat percentage.

More than a quarter of my body is fat. That's gross.

The chart above is from the American Council on Exercise. As you can see, I fall into the average category.

The charts below are based on research by Jackson & Pollock and take age into consideration.

I would like to be around 19% body fat. It's not like I have an exceptionally well-endowed chest that would skew my number higher. Day 5 of Super Sober September Health Month continues and Weight Loss Wednesday will hopefully keep me accountable.


  1. i qualify too! the fact that you do makes me feel better, you are so in shape!

  2. Yay Athena runners!

    I'm a little conflicted about Athena status. Yes, it's more difficult to run with more weight on your frame, and I was definitely faster when I was lighter, but what about muscle versus fat? I couldn't give a rat's ass about the number on the scale as long as my body fat percentage is low.

    As we can see from the evidence in this post, my body fat is not so low, and carrying around the extra fat is heavy and slows me down. But if I was 145 lbs and mostly lean body mass, should I be able to run Athena?

    I actually haven't run Athena yet, but if there's money to win, I most definitely will.

  3. I ran.. Athena but the higher one accidentally once- I said my weight was between 160 and 180 accidentally and I came in first in my group. So that was an exciting accident. Agreed though- I also feel like I have more sizeable other assets than other female runners. I feel like I should get credit just for that.


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