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Thursday, September 6, 2012


Lashawn Jones teached ZUMBA! at thr 50th & Broadway Equinox on Wednesday nights at 7:15 PM. As much as I wanted to go to DM's to watch the Giants game, I knew that I needed to go straight to the gym instead. I didn't want to lift or do anything with kettlebells, and I didn't want to spin, so I figured that Zumba was the best choice. Great workout, lots of cardio, and abdominal work. I haven't found anything better for my abs than cardio dance classes.

I wasn't familiar with the first two songs and struggled with the moves. I'm not very coordinated and it takes me a while to get into my dance groove. Lashawn uses the legit Zumba tracks, and you can tell because Zumba is shouted out at least once a minute like a marketing team's orgasm. She had me hooked though when she played Daddy Yankee's Gasolina remix. Yes, I'm secretly into reggaeton and I know all the moves to that one.

Every time I go to a Zumba class, I decide I want Zumba clothes. I've spent the past 20 minutes perusing the Zumba website, and these are some of the items that caught my eye.

I am addicted to sneakers so of course I noticed the Z Kickz II and the Z Kickz Original. I have absolutely no reason to buy them, but I appreciate a brand that creates its own shoes. Other colors than the ones shown here are available.
Z Kickz II
Z Kickz Original
I have an obsession with Zumba cargo pants. They're like UFOs - does anyone remember these delightful pants from the late 90s?

Lashawn was wearing the Feelin It Cargo last night in black, but I prefer this teal color. I really want the Electro Cargo Pant in grey. How freaking cute are they? Again, not exactly sure why I'd need them since I don't really go to many Zumba classes.

Feelin It Cargo Pant 
Electro Cargo Pant
The Bliss V Bra Top is cute and functional. It doesn't seem particularly Zumba-y to me and I might order a few. I love this blue color.
Bliss V Bra Top
I like the color of these Escape Running Shorts, which are on sale by the way. I can't figure out if they have a built in panty (God, I hate that word) or not. I only run in shorts that I don't need to wear underwear with, however, I'd use these for the beach and hiking if they aren't lined.
Escape Running Shorts
Last but not least, no wardrobe is complete without Zumba thongs. I would love to know how many of these sell each month.
Daydream Thong

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