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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Boobypack Test Run

This morning I got up to run in my Boobypack. I have been obsessed with the idea of a fanny pack for your boobs since I first learned about the Boobypack in December. I gave money on Kickstarter and received my very own first generation Boobyback in January. I was a bit of a chunky monkey for the first half of 2013, so my Boobypack lived in my sports bra drawer waiting to be seen in the light of day. Today is this day.

Don't mind my bloated stomach. I was eating carbs last night. Eek.

This is what I look like at 5:45 AM.
The original Boobypack has single straps and they are not adjustable. The 2.0, which I am getting for my birthday and I am so effing excited that I bought it for my sister for her birthday so I can see it a month early, has double straps and they are adjustable.

I had to yank the top down to get the cups where they belong. Since we all know my cups don't runneth over, this is a perfectly suitable top for a casual run. If you've got the kind of chest guys notice, you will likely need more support.

The zippers are underneath the armpits.

The straps cross in the back.
I wasn't feeling skinny mini enough today to forgo the shirt so I threw on a white tank. I liked how you could see the Boobypack through it.

I stashed a Chapstick on one side and my apartment keys in the other. I thought I'd be able to feel them and that they would bother me, especially that Chapstick, but I honestly didn't notice them. I guess I keep my elbows a little turned out when I run.

The Chapstick in my armpit.
I had a nice 5 mile run up the East River running path and back. My best mile was 8:12 and my worst was 10:51. I was pretty achy. I started getting some looks on my way back and I thought it might be people's interest in my super cool sports bra alternative.

They were interested alright - because it had tie-dyed my freaking tank top!

My shirt was covered in pink because the dye used on the straps doesn't like sweat. Strangely the Boobypack was fine. I rinsed the Boobypack in cold water and squeezed out the excess water. Hopefully it won't run anymore. Don't worry about the tank top - a bath in detergent and bleach has left it looking better than it did when I put it on this morning.

The pouch turned inside out.
  • Looks awesome
  • Cuter than the average sports bra
  • Convenient place to stash your keys, credit cards, cash, Chapstick
  • Nearly impossible to fish out your keys when your tired, hot, sweaty and trying to get into your apartment
  • Might lack the support necessary for more intense runs
  • Dyes clothing
The Boobypack website says the product they are now selling has:
  • Micro mesh lining that wicks away sweat
  • Removable padding for added shape
  • Double, adjustable, racerback straps for added support
  • Reinforced, water-resistant, zipper-enclosed pockets on either side that can fit your cash, ID, smartphone and even your passport
  • Elastic sewn into the hems for durability and stretch retention
  • Unique dying method for color that will last jog after jog, concert after concert
I think all of my issues with the Kickstarter backer version have been addressed, except maybe for the pouch not staying put.

Overall, I recommend the Boobypack as a sports bra.


  1. I need one so I don't have to 'boob' my phone and money at the bar lol

  2. I need one so I don't have to 'boob' my phone and money at the bar lol

    1. That's what they're made for!

      I'm obsessed with mine and think you should get one:


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