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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Morning Box Jumps

Yesterday I went to CrossFit Central LI for the 7 AM class. I took a long weekend to go to Dallas to visit my sister for her birthday and obviously I capitalized on being out on the Island and headed over to Syosset for my workout. I really like going to CrossFit Central LI and get a little more excited about working out there than at my other CrossFit. I'm not sure why I feel a little guilty admitting that, but it's true.

gratuitous locker room selfie
5 x 2
Hang Power Snatch

Amrap in 20 min.
6 Lunges with Barbell behind neck 105/65
12 Push Press  105/65
18 Box Jumps 24/20

I'm pretty much fresh out of Essentials so I remember learning how to do a hang power snatch with a PVC pipe. CrossFit Central LI does things a little differently and has people jump right into WODs without an Essentials, Foundations, Fundamentals, Elements, On Ramp course. Part of me thinks this is pretty neat, especially because it allows me to drop-in when I want even though I'm not particularly experienced. Personally, I feel a lot more confident going into WODs because I'm like, Ohh, I remember when Jim showed us how to do this.

I used the 15 lbs lady bar and got up to 15 lbs plates, so 45 lbs total for the hang power snatch. Feel pretty good about myself, but since I'm me, I'm dying to get to the day when I get to keep adding weight for each set. Some people are content to run 10Ks. I had to keep going for 50 miles. I tend to subscribe to the bigger is better philosophy - muscles, hair, male anatomy...

I did the first round with 45 lbs, but it was clear that I needed to drop some weight off for the rest and switched to 35 lbs. I probably could've have handled 40 lbs, but I wasn't thinking about combining plates because the workout was being timed. I completed 7 rounds, plus the lunges and 3 presses in 20 minutes. And I also used a 24 inch box because I know I can get up there and I feel no need to shortchange myself because I am a girl.


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