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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Birthday WOD

I had an incredible birthday this year, which is saying something because I usually abhor my birthday and refuse to acknowledge that it occurs. Ron Swanson and I have similar sentiments regarding celebrating the days of our birth.

The 23-year-old got me an Under Armour 2013 NFL Combine Authentic Shatter Performance Compression T-Shirt. At first I was a little concerned that it would be too small.

I thought I had gotten stuck.

Then I remembered that I'm not a fat-ass anymore. I tried it on for a little trip to CVS. If I keep my stomach muscles tight and suck in, I have an incredibly flat stomach in this top. Thank you 23-year-old! I love my present!

I promised to be on my best behavior at work on the day of my actual birthday. Even though I accidentally SnapChatted my pikachu to some of my friends instead of just the intended recipient, I was in great spirits. And only mildly hungover from dinner at Momofuku Ko the night before.

I wore my tiara all day.
This is what I wore for dinner at Ko.
I went to the 9th floor to make Selby take pictures with me. We talked about the day's WOD, which I don't think he did. I was really excited for it and was fully prepared to do my birthday burpees.

BHN Snatch Grip Press
5 X 40%
5 X 50%
4 sets of 5 X60%

3 rounds:
400m Run with plate overhead 45/25#
5 Snatches 135/95#
For time.

What Really Happened:

The training bar and I have become best friends. I started my behind the neck snatch grip press with just the bar. Then I added 5 lbs plates, moved up to 10 lbs plates, and then did my last set with a 12.5 lbs on each side. I only made it to four reps with this weight (35 lbs - or 36 depending on who is weighing that training bar) and I turned to Anthony and said, "I can't do it... yet." That behind the neck stuff kills me, but I've gotten a lot better since the time I got stuck under the bar and the Good Samaritan had to save me.

I rearranged my schedule to be able to do this WOD because I really wanted to do the conditioning portion. The 400m run was pretty much a brisk walk with lots of breaks for everyone in the class. We walked single file or in groups of 2 down W 36th Street to the corner of 9th and back, stopping at landmarks like the parking meter, the flags on the hotel awning, and the streetlamp. For two of my "runs", I ended up falling in line with this guy named Al and we chose our landmarks together. Wednesday was the first time I really felt like I was part of CrossFit Hell's Kitchen and that made a pretty awesome birthday gift. Since we were out on the street, we caught a lot of people's attention and some cheered us on. One woman was so impressed by seeing women hoisting 25 lbs plates over their heads that she walked along and offered encouragement. I liked her.

I finished in 18:21, which I found kind of fitting since my birthday is 8/21.


I wore my tiara to CrossFit but not during the WOD. This meant I had birthday burpees. I love burpees but these were pretty dang tough after the WOD. I felt super accomplished and ready for soccer and my birthday dinner.

Back in the office, post-WOD, while a puddle of sweat gathers at my feet.

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