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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Sunday Funday: Birthday Bikram

Today I woke up with a mild headache from the Dewars I downed last night, but nothing remotely close to the hangovers I've learned to deal with over the years. I was starving and no one would eat with me so I took myself out to brunch at East End Kitchen and then got a pedicure. Then I went to the office for an hour before heading to Bikram. I know what you're thinking - Who is this responsible person and what did they do with ISOOM? It scares me too.

Bikram Yoga Herald Square gave me a free class for my birthday, which is on Wednesday, and I needed to take advantage of it before I leave for my vacation. The 4 PM class with Elizabeth had just the right number of people in it - it was neither too crowded or to empty.

this photo was taken after class was over
I had noticed an improvement in my Bikram skills when I went in Houston, but I amazed myself today. I usually struggle in awkward pose (that funky chair pose-like move that requires standing on your toes and looking like you really have to pee), but I was able to hold my balance pretty well. Although I had trouble crossing my legs all weekend because my quads felt like someone had taken a weed-whacker to them, I was able to wrap my foot around the other side of my ankle in eagle. And I made a right angle with my body in standing head to knee pose and got my elbows down.

Not everything was easy. My standing bow pulling pose kind of sucked. I realized that I was holding my foot instead of my ankle halfway through my unlimited month last spring, which was a real gamechanger, but unfortunately I reverted back to my old mistake in class. My triangle pose was pure shit but my glutes are so tight that I was surprised I got into that lunge at all.

The most incredible moment was when I lowered down into toe stand pose for the FIRST TIME EVER. I didn't even mind that I couldn't get back up. I also rocked camel. The very first time I tried to do camel, I was convinced I was going to paralyze myself. Today I was all, Sure - let me just bend my body back so I can see the wall and rest my hands on my heels. N B D.

In the case you want to see what these poses are supposed to look like, go to this site.

I was surprised by how not-hot (I wouldn't go as far to say cool) the room felt. I thought Bikram in the summer would be a nightmare based on one class I took in June 2011, but I felt less gross and sweaty leaving the studio today than I did in March. I get really unhappy when I shower after a workout and then start overheating as I try to get home or back to the office. What's the point in showering if I end up just as disgusting as I did beforehand?

CrossFit has obviously made me stronger and more fit, and these improvements are showing themselves in other workouts. I demonstrated my increased strength by carrying my friend and co-worker up 9th Avenue on Saturday.

why do guys instinctively donkey kick their legs out?
you have to wrap your legs around the person carrying you


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