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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

CrossFit Steeltown

Today I flew to Pittsburgh for work. Once we landed, I picked up my rental car and drove to Target. Then I inhaled a French fry stuffed sandwich at Primanti Bros before heading over to the 4:30 PM WOD at CrossFit Steeltown. I had Googled them while sitting in the swanky Delta terminal at LGA, emailed them from Target, and Tommy, head coach and owner, emailed me back by the time I checked out with my bounty.

We all know I love dropping in at boxes when I am traveling. I get to meet great people and do something that I love with them. I used to like running in cities that I am visiting, but dropping in takes it to another level. And it's too cold to run outside in Pittsburgh right now. Actually, unless I go to CrossFit, I do not plan to leave my hotel until Friday because I am interviewing people in the hotel conference room's, there's a pretty good restaurant, and a legit by hotel standards gym.

Today's workout was 487 meters on the rower. I think they play some under or over game but I got to 509 once I stopped pulling so I guess I lost? Then we learned about external rotation and worked on push-ups. After Frostbite's 20 push-up buy-in and AMDAP's partner clapping push-ups, I am all push-upped out. However, for about 5 reps, I think I finally did push-ups correctly because they felt entirely different and I think that's what Tommy was talking about.

We spent some quality time with lacrosse balls as we went fishing for knots in our shoulders and clavicles. My right shoulder has been tight for a while and this helped loosen me up. That Tommy has quite a sense of humor because he put on "I Touch Myself" as we were rolling our bodies up against the walls.

The skill technique was power snatch progressions. I wasn't too happy with my performance. And the bar felt a bit heavy after Saturday.

The metcon was great. EMOM for 8 minutes of 10 KBS and then max sit-ups. I Rx'd the first 3 rounds with a 24kg kettlebell (53#) and then dropped down to 20kg (44#) because my form was breaking down. I got 99 sit-ups.

I want to thank coaches Tommy, Sarah, and Dylan for welcoming and working with me today. I also want to thank all of the CST members who made me feel like I was part of their community and encouraged me to come again this week.

and maybe this was the reason people gave me funny looks when I checked into my hotel

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