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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sunday Funday: AMDAP and Some Soul

Today was a jam packed Sunday Funday. I woke up at 7 AM to bright sunlight and was confused as to why my body felt like I had just run a marathon. Then I remembered that I had competed in the Frostbite 2014 the day before and decided to go to the grocery store because I had an overwhelming need to drink Paul Newman's Own. I ate white rice with Kerrygold butter, which is almost as blasphemous as eating in on toast, and I washed it down with half and half (lemonade/iced tea not cream/milk) in my bed. I didn't have anymore Young and the Restless episodes to watch so I was a little sad.

I got myself dressed and headed on over to Brick New York for CrossFit speed dating otherwise known as As Many Dates As Possible (AMDAP). There was a great turn out and we had a 48 minute WOD. We spent 45 seconds doing an exercise and then moved on to the next guy to perform the next exercise. We had air squats, synchronized lunges, wallball tosses, partner sit-ups with the med ball, KB swings, and junkyard dogs. There were some cute guys but I was just excited to spend time with my new best friend Janice, who goes to Dynamix and judged at Frostbite. Speaking of judges at Frostbite, I may or may not have been hitting on one at Frostbite and I was pretty happy to see him at AMDAP. I made sure he got my number before moving on down the line.

This was awesome Heidi. Thank you for hosting it!
We had some drinks at Flatiron Hall and then I headed uptown for Soulcycle. Last month the Soulcycle folks reached out to offer me a free class to get me to start coming. I'm not one to turn down a free class and it was fun. Amy taught the class and she is lovely. She came to check on me when I got off the bike to adjust my seat because I almost sodomized myself. I was the person that I normally hate because I showed up just when class was starting and had to be lead in my flashlight and squeeze past everyone. I really did try to get there on time but I was too busy chatting with Janice and making eyes at the cute judge.

all photos courtesy of Brick New York

My parents came in to take me to dinner at Luzzo. I'm not the biggest fan of pizza but the food is really good.

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