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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Wins and Weaknesses Within the Same WOD

There are days when I see wins and weaknesses within the same WOD, such as this morning at the 5:45 AM class at CrossFit Central LI. I get there just in time for the warm-up and I'm a little tired. Had some trouble falling asleep last night. I get through 50 jumping jacks and then I get the 50 double-unders UNBROKEN. This has never happened before and the highest I've ever strung together before was 31, so this is a definite win.

We gathered for a group stretch and I could feel that I have been ignoring mobility work. We had a 3 minute AMRAP of wallballs and I got 50. These were not unbroken but I didn't drop the ball and I only no-repped once. Again, this is a definite win.

I was really psyched for the metcon at Central LI today because I really thought I could Rx it and then I had my hubris handed to me.

 AMRAP in 7 minutes
5 Pull ups
7 Hang Clean @155/105*
10 Front Squat @155/105*
*the blog says 115# but the board said 105#

REST 3 minutes

AMRAP in 7 minutes
5 Pull ups
7 Hang Clean @ 115/75
10 Front Squat @115/75

I used the thinnest band for the pull-ups during the first AMRAP. It was difficult but I could do it. I couldn't get 105# warming up so I dropped to 95#. Once we got started, I was using 85# and I had to drop to 65#. SIXTY-FIVE POUNDS. I was pissed. I spent so much time screwing with my weights that I only got 2 rounds and 5 additional pull-ups completed. Rookie move.

sticks and stones may break my bones
but barbells, guns, and pick-ups excite me
I went with the thinnest plus the next thinnest band for the second AMRAP and used 55#. I felt solid and completed 5 rounds even. I was pleased with my performance but annoyed that I had to use such light weights to do it. Finding a good balance between challenging and struggling is sometimes tough for me, especially during morning workouts. I also tend to get caught up in the numbers rather than the effort. Last night I PR'd my snatch at 70#. Taking that win into consideration (even if I am disappointed in my limited progress), would have helped me determine where I should have started today.

post-WOD sunrise
cooking paleo coconut chicken fingers at 7:30 AM

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