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Monday, February 3, 2014

Weekend Windup with Some Oly Sunday Funday

All last week I was dying to get out to Long Island. I was in need of a Siberian Soul Reboot.

This is what you get if you Google image search Siberian Soul Reboot
I made the 4 PM WOD at CFHK on Friday. It was a special blend of awesome and fml. I PR'd my sumo deadlift at 203#. Here's the video of me completing 2 reps. My form goes to shit. I have to be more aware of rounding my back.

For time:
20 Deficit HSPU 6/4″*
50 Double-Unders
10 OHS 155/105#**
100′ HS Walk***
10 OHS 155/105#
50 Double-Unders
20 Deficit HSPU 6/4″

*box push-ups on 45# plates
**55# OHS
***10 wall walks

When I was 18, a girl I grew up with had a horrible diving accident that paralyzed her and she is now a quadriplegic. I had never been particularly fond of or good at diving, but since that happened, I have never tried to enter a body of water head first. Inversions of any kind seemed like a great way to get hurt so for years when folks worked on their headstands at yoga, I'd be like, yeah have fun, I'll just be over here in child's pose. I thought I had gotten over my fear since starting CrossFit but I think the tragedy at the OC Throwdown fucked with my head more than I thought. I'm not scared to snatch but I panicked during the box push-ups and the wall walks on Friday. Anthony even spotted me and held my legs for a few of my wall walks and I still was scared shitless. Yes, I can fall of my head, break my neck, and paralyze myself, but this is bordering on irrational fear territory. If I am going to achieve my 2014 goal of HSPUs, I need to create a training plan that not only builds up the physical strength to do perform this but also the mental strength to trust that I can and will hold myself up.

Following my friend Nick's advice, I am now drinking a quick protein snack.

this is what it looks like out of the carton
I got to CrossFit Central LI on Saturday with the plan to work on wall walks and handstands at open gym, but when I got there I found out that Chad would be leading a nutrition seminar at 10 AM. I really lucked out because it was very informative. I thought I had a strong understanding of nutrition and the Paleolithic lifestyle but I learned so much. And now I'm petrified of the grocery store and restaurants. I contacted Kettlebell Kitchen and they assured me that they never ever cook with peanut oil, canola oil, soy oil, or any other vegetable oil with a low smoke point.

Chad sharing the knowledge he has accumulated from his years as a chef, athlete, and coach
And then I went to the grocery store and saw this at the checkout counter.

Sunday Funday kicked off with Oly Sunday. Front squat, snatch, and clean & jerk. I was thrilled.

My 1RM for a front squat was 135# in mid-January. My 2RM is now 140#. Progress. I spent most of the hour working on my snatch because my form has been crap lately. I used the 15# training bar and worked up to 65#. I went for 70# but it was a no-go. I can't remember if I've hit 65# before but I was proud of this lift because it went smoothly and Chad told me I did a good job. I PR'd my clean and jerk by 5# and will now drop in my 105# c&j into every conversation possible.

105# clean and jerk
I get very uncomfortable with rounding up a X3# lift to X5#. My previous PR at 100# was actually 98# but everyone seems to round up. Today I used fractional plates and I actually clean and jerked 105#, no rounding about it.

The couple that lifts together... Amanda and Chad in their matching outfits.

The weather was gorgeous when I got home so I decided to go for a short run. I figured that the best way to prepare for my 50K in March is to run when my body is already tired. The hardest part of running long distance is pushing yourself to move when you're pretty spent. I ran 6.39 miles in 53:39 at an average of 8:24 min/mile. My splits were pretty consistent: 8:05, 8:33, 8:23, 8:01, 9:01 (blister formed on left arch), 8:20.
green lawn, water cooler, and no pants in February
this is what 150# look like
And now the moment you have all been waiting for - pictures of Mr. Mink.

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