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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Affordable Bottoms - Gear Review

One day I am going to have a closet full of lululemon outfits, including the accessories like this Scuba Hoodie II, which, in my opinion, is the most unnecessary item you could spend $108 on while at lululemon. It's unclear why I feel such animosity towards the Scuba Hoodie II, but I do and I have since its original incarnation as the Scuba Hoodie. Until that day, I like to peruse more affordable stores to stock my fitness drawers (plural).

Because nothing says, "I am a fitness badass," like a floral jacket with a stylized A* on it.

*That's really what the logo is. I can't make this shit up.

I realize this post is a lot of lululemon bashing, but I actually do love most of their clothing, and now I'm ready to actually review two pieces of apparel I have recently purchased.

C9 by Champion® Women's Woven Run Skort

I bought this when I was in Pittsburgh and decided to do 14.1 before getting on my flight home. I was short a set of workout clothes and dashed into Target. I am a huge fan of C9 by Champion but this skort sucks. You can't squat in it and it's terrible for doubleunders. It's made for running so I thought maybe I should stop using it for CrossFit and start using it for its intended purpose, but you can't run in it either because it restricts your stride.

I give this piece a D for functionality but an A- for cuteness. It's perfect for walking around on rest days.

Women's Old Navy Active Printed-Compression Capris (20”)

"Hey babe - I'm going to stick out my ass and then would you please take a picture?"

A couple of week's ago, my friend Brittany came to visit me at work and I was going to CFHK so I loaned her my extra shorts. I then needed something to wear on my bum for rock climbing the next morning. I ran by Old Navy after work and picked up a pair Women's Old Navy Active Printed-Compression Capris. Most solid purchase I've made all month. 

These pants are great. They make your butt look phenomenal and flatten the tummy pouch you're working to get rid of by June. I love the subtle print on this pair but these also come in solid black. I wore them all day and they held their shape and were really comfortable. Just the right level of compression.

A+ all around and I don't even like pants.

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