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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

CrossFit with Friends: Elissa Ho

Ask the Athlete: Elissa Ho

How long have you been doing CrossFit?
Started Crossfit December 2012.

What affiliate do you call your home box?
CrossFit Hell's Kitchen is my homebox and where my heart is whereever in the world I may find myself WODing.

What is your favorite movement or WOD?
Wallballs. Wod-wise - anything short and sweet. 15 min time cap

What movement or WOD do you hope never to see on the board?
All the strengths and skills that I suck at or don't have.. HSPU, MU, pistols, ring dips.. Oh and excessive cardio D:  that being said, i don't wish to never see them on the board.. gotta get better somehow.

Elissa and I are both members of CrossFit Hell's Kitchen who currently reside in Georgia. I'm still calling myself a member at CFHK because I have active classes in my MindBody account and I spend just as much time in the Facebook group as anyone else. Elissa is down in Augusta for some army training. When I heard she was coming to Atlanta and looking for a place to stay, I invited her to stay with me because that's what family does.

Elissa and I had hung out exactly once - the morning I went to the Cliffs at LIC - before this weekend. I felt like a distant cousin was coming to visit. I can't speak for Elissa but I think we had a great time and it was super fun to see Yvette too.

Saturday morning was a 40 EMOM. Yup. Forty minutes. On Friday night, we received an email with a picture of the Riddler and the ominous message, "Be prepared for the knowable and unknowable. Show up, do work." Pretty sure the coaches made the right call by keeping this programming a surprise.

1. Bear Complex x7
2. OH lunge for 45 seconds
3. KB single arm row for 45 seconds
4. Heavy wall balls x10
5. Row 12-15 calories

I do reasonably well in endurance workouts. If you can mentally get through a 50 mile run, chances are cycling through a series of movements for under an hour won't phase you one bit. I defined "heavy wall balls" as 14 lbs (my shoulder is still acting up) and I used 40# for the Bear Complex. I was still only completing 3-4 rounds of it per minute though. I used a 25# plate for the overhead lunges and anywhere between a 15# and a 35# kettlebell for the rows. I picked up whatever was closest.

Elissa, on the other hand, honey badgered the whole damn thing. She used either 55# or 65# for the Bear Complex (I didn't check if she had 10s or 15s on her bar) and she used the lady bar instead of the baby bar like me. And she used a 20# wallball for the first time but didn't think it was too heavy. (Really? Because I've used a 20# wallball before and thought it was out to kill me.) And she killed the row EVERY. DANG. TIME. The next day I was at Victor and Wendy's baby shower and Wendy commented on how Elissa went all out the entire time and just kept up the intensity. I was like, Yeah, and the best part is Elissa doesn't even think she's good. 

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