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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Squats with Charlie and Pat Sherwood

Charlie and Ryan at the CrossFit Update Show desk
I know that my boyfriend will always love Charlie more than me, and really, I can't blame him.
Remember when I was so nervous about meeting Pat Sherwood? Well it went swimmingly if I do say so myself. Charlie, my boyfriend Ryan's best friend, met us at the StubHub Center, gave us nifty CrossFit Media wristbands, and then took us on a tour. Part of this tour included meeting Rory Mckernan, Tommy Marquez, and Pat Sherwood. I said hi, thanked everyone for letting us come in to see where they work, and tried not pee myself. Ryan said my eyes got really big and that this is the most quiet he's ever seen me in the thirteen years that we've known each other. I call that a success.

I cannot thank Charlie enough for a wonderful weekend. One of my favorite parts of the trip was being able to have dinner with Charlie and Ryan at a sushi place in Manhattan Beach on Friday night. We ate Kobe beef corn dogs, nbd.

While we were at dinner, Charlie mentioned that he and Pat made a video about the squat. And then I saw it posted on CrossFit's Facebook page. Charlie and his dog Riley are famous. Enjoy.

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