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Friday, August 8, 2014

100 Doubleunders

A year ago Anthony, my coach at Hell's Kitchen, told us that if we all committed to 100 doubleunders a day, we'd all have doubleunders. The idea of being able to do 100 doubleunders, not unbroken, just 100 doubleunders within a window of time was unfathomable to me. When people complained that it would take forever to complete 100, Anthony said that even if it took an hour, we should do it because how were we going to reduce the amount of time it took if we didn't practice.
So fast forward. I attended a doubleunders workshop, I upgraded to a cable speed rope, and I got unbroken doubleunders. But like anything, if you don't use it, you lose it. I moved down to Atlanta and was messing with a rope one day that first week and my doubleunders were horrendous. Victor walks over to me and says that I'm working too hard for doubleunders and he was right. Victor tweaked my form, gave me feedback, and generously offered to size my new rope.

Now I do 100 doubleunders before every WOD and it takes me maybe 5 minutes. Right now I'm up 60 unbroken. My goal is all 100 unbroken by August 15.

The moral of the story is when Anthony tells you to do something, fucking do it.

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