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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

August 2016 Goals

Pure Barre Goal: I went to Pure Barre twice this month, which makes 51 classes this year.

CrossFit Goal: 97/200 WODs. I dropped in at CrossFit Hamilton and CrossFit Central LI.

Mileage: I ran 23.5 miles this month. It included a brutal 6.4 miles on the Beltline, the Area 13.1 Half Marathon, and a nice 4 miler through Oyster Bay.

Life and Wellness Goals: I thought about my life and mortality in August. I turned 30! It was kind of anti-climatic, but I had a fun impromptu pool party. I went to Pete Tong with some of my favorite CrossFit friends. Jeremy took me out for dinner at The Optimist. And I got to see my coach get his cyst excised and it was just like Dr. Pimple Popper but in REAL LIFE! #popaholics

Two of my bestest friends welcomed their beautiful baby Eloise in August. She is perfect and I cannot wait to meet her. I am going to love her, and snuggle her, and buy her all the things.

And the same weekend that such a wonderful addition came into the world, a really wonderful person left it. Someone I went to college with who was always extremely great to me (even when I didn't deserve it) sadly passed away. I know he has left a hole in the hearts of his friends and family, and I pray for them.

I've been reflecting on what it means to be 30. I thought I'd freak out about my "lack of progress" in life, but I actually had a harder time turning 29. So what if I'm not married, I'm still renting an apartment, and my little sister has more in savings than I do. This past year has been pretty great. I have made awesome friends who I love like family. I have the best two dogs I could ever want. I got a sick job that I love. No one attacked me on my sidewalk. Shit's been awesome.

I've made it to an age where some of my friends are intentionally making babies and some of my friends are dead. Strangely enough, I think that number might be equal. Sometimes I didn't think I'd make it to 30. And I know so many people are all, Wooohooo! I live my life hard, live fast and die young. But I seriously questioned if I'd see my 30th birthday, and I didn't really care. Some of this was from poor choices I have made, and some of it was depression, and some of it was from knowing that I'm not actually invincible and eventually my luck will run out.

I obviously don't party as hard as I used to because this blog would still be interesting if I did. But I've also started to pay attention to my sleep and my nutrition. I don't think it's impressive anymore that I used to spent 14 hours at the office, go out, sleep for 4 hours, go run, and then end right back up at my desk. Sometimes I worry that my work ethic has faltered. I can't write a solid grant report with a hangover anymore. Maybe I'd have more in savings if I were still a workaholic with no reason to leave the office. But I love spending time with my dogs and at the gym and with my friends.

So 30 has been pretty good so far.

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