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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Eww, I Hope No One Saw That

I planned ahead and booked a bike for this morning's spin class with Craig Eisenberg 26 hours in advance using the MYEQ iPhone app. Yes, I booked a bike at 6:30am the day before while still in bed. It's really hard to get a bike for this 8:30 am class on Sunday morning at Great Neck. Craig's popularity has skyrocketed, and for good reason. His studio cycling class is never boring and he plays great music. He makes you work and keeps you excited to be there. I burned 645 calories in 60 minutes today.

Now I woke up feeling very thirsty this morning. Whenever I eat a big pasta dinner like I did last night, I wake up feeling like I hiked through the desert without any water. I guess I might have over-hydrated a little bit because after one particularly large gulp, I felt a little hiccup. This coincided with a sprint up the (imaginary) hill, and suddenly I felt liquid coming out of my lips. I used my superhuman reflexes to grab one of the bajillion towels I keep on the handlebars to catch the flow, but honestly, how gross is that? I spit up in the middle of spin class, infant-style.

We all know how paranoid I am that people are watching me, and to be honest, I don't think it's paranoia if it's really happening. Anyway, I was convinced that everyone in the room saw yellow liquid spew from my mouth and were disgusted that I was still in class. In my defense, 1. it all ended up on the towel, 2. it's not like I was sick and infecting others, 3. people spit and throw up all the time during running races, 4. only losers give up. After carefully staring at my fellow cyclers using the mirrored walls to see all angles of the room, I deduced that no one was horrified enough to complain and refocused on the task at hand. My favorite part is the three sprints home during the last five minutes of class anyway.

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