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Monday, November 8, 2010

The Importance of Dental Hygiene

You might have a great body, but if your smile is lacking, I'm not interested. Nothing is hotter than a great set of teeth. Take care of them!

My dentist and I are kind of obsessed with one another. Dr. Wong is quite impressed that I have worn my retainers for the past ten years. Orthodontia is expensive and painful; why mess it up? On Saturday I went by the office to pick up my new retainers and Dr. Wong had a present for me.

A mold of my teeth!

How awesome!

To have your very own blindingly white near-perfect smile, you can do what I do to care for my teeth.

I brush at least twice a day. Bring a toothbrush to work and brush your teeth after lunch. Your breath will smell fresh and your teeth will be clean.

Floss morning and night. I got in the habit with those floss sticks - so simple and convenient. Now I have progressed to regular floss. I like mint.

If you drink coffee or dark soda you should rinse your mouth with water when you're done to help prevent stains. I bleach my teeth with Twilight Teeth. A Twilight Teeth set comes with a mouthguard and a vial of UV-light activated teeth bleach. You apply it before entering a tanning bed and it will dramatically whiten your teeth. The special "laser" bleaching available at your dentist isn't really a laser at all; it's a UV light source. Instead of $400, you can pay $17 for 6 months worth of Twilight Teeth.

You probably won't have a smile as nice as mine, but you can have a healthy, attractive mouth with a little time and effort.

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