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Friday, November 26, 2010

Sweat the Turkey Out!

Today I am thankful for Yves Maco and his Post Turkey-Day 2 Super Master Classes. Fusion Fitness hosted today's workout extravaganza at their studio in Great Neck. I cannot even begin to describe the overwhelming feelings of joy I experienced from getting to kickbox for seventy whole minutes. It might be the day after Thanksgiving, but I'm feeling like its Christmas.

The seventy-minute dance class was awesome. Now we know that I dance like a chicken. My Latin roots desert me when it's time to shake it, and no amount of practice has improved my shimmy. This is okay, because I just close my eyes and let my fitness alter-ego take over. In my mind I look like LL Cool J, and I dance like Michael Jackson. Yes, my alter-ego is a large black man. It makes me feel sexy.

One woman brought her daughter to dance class, and this little girl has skills. After getting over my feelings of extreme jealousy, I realized this child was an asset because I could follow her when I inevitably got confused and started tripping over my own feet. One day I will be able to move like a backup dancer in a hip hop video, but until that day, I'll just go to have fun.

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