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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sweaty Crotch

Today I woke up and remembered that my Equinox membership became unfrozen yesterday. Then I leapt out of bed to check the group fitness class schedule. I settled upon Raj Shtrom's 10:15 am yoga class and then went in search of coffee and an outfit to wear.

I found a pair of Champion C9 for Target yoga pants at the back of my drawer and thought, "So that's where these things went! Why don't I ever wear them?" I happily put them on and added a black technical tank (Calvin Klein. Absolutely love it. It's getting a little snug. Oops.)

I wanted to get in a quick run before heading off to yoga so I ran 2.4 miles around the cul-de-sac. I broke a light sweat. That's when I remembered why I normally don't wear my C9 yoga pants: the fabric turns a distinctly different shade of grey when touched with perspiration. My sweaty crotch made it look like I wet myself.

the offending pants
I didn't know what to do. Sure, I could get changed, but these were the only yoga pants I had out on Long Island, and I did look super cute. The pants, when not soaked through the crotch, are very flattering and comfortable. They are cropped and have slices in the back lower portions of the leg. This causes them to flare out and look pretty nifty during down dog split. I hoped they would dry before class started in 18 minutes.

They didn't. They only got sweatier. Raj kicked my ass and this isn't even her Level 2/3 class. I had a great time though for the ENTIRE 90 MINUTES. I only looked at the clock twice. Most of the time I was checking out my own crotch, trying to figure out if it looked like I was sweaty or if I had a bladder leakage problem. Normally I absolutely love C9 items, but this is an issue. I noticed that the woman in grey lululemon yoga pants didn't have this problem.

Despite this setback, I was able to once again prove that I am horrible at yoga. I'm just not that flexible without a hot guy motivating me to bend in certain directions. I do try however, which is how I found myself in a shoulder stand, staring at my hoo-hah, with a pregnant lady doing a headstand next to me.

I am so incredibly excited to be back at Equinox.
I audibly sighed with relief when entering my
home away from home this morning.

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