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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Belching Fran

The Belching Fran relay, otherwise known as the WOD that made me want to kill myself, was a great way to kick off an epic Saturday. I woke up much less hungover than I deserved to be and I was very thankful that I signed up for the 12 noon class.

Selby and I headed to the office to get our sneakers. I wore my Real Tree hat because who wouldn't?

We started off with a warm-up of duck walks and that's when I knew shit was going to be rough. I was in pain. From the warm-up. And my head was fuzzy. And although I knew I had eaten a ham, egg, and cheese chased with matzoh ball soup for breakfast, I felt like I hadn't eaten in days. Barbell gymnastics was going to suck.

EMOM for 7:
3 position Snatch, hi hang, above knee, 2" off floor

I'm not amazing at the snatch or anything, but on a good day, I can do them. TWICE I fell over with the bella bar warming up. PINNED underneath an effing 33 lbs bar. I seriously thought about going home. I switched to the training bar with 30 lbs (so 41 lbs), promptly decided that that was too heavy when I missed some key movement and ended up back on the ground, and traded the 5 lbs plates for 2.5s. We were much happier with 36 lbs except.

Fran is 21 thrusters followed by 21 pull-ups, 15 thrusters followed by 15 pull-ups, and 9 thrusters followed by 9 pull-ups, completed as fast as humanly possible. Belching Fran starts with burpees in every round. The Belching Fran relay is done in groups of 3 and no one can be doing the same exercise at the same time. It's kind of like singing "Row Row Row Your Boat" in a round but more stressful and less likely to end in a fit of giggles.

This tank was made for me.

I ended up in the group of superwomen who do their thrusters with 65 lbs and don't use bands for their pull-ups. They were very kind to me and I was very in awe of them. And then I felt like I wanted to die. I made it through the first round using the 65 lbs and then I was like fuck this shit. Fifty-five lbs was more than enough. I used a blue and a red band for the pull-ups and I still felt like I had to work to get up there. Princess has learned her lesson about binge drinking and CrossFit. This is no marathon running.

It was a real struggle to straighten my arms towards the end. I'm not sure if this is horrible form, or if Jhon just caught me mid-push-press.

I felt like serious garbage and I had trouble getting the plates off of my bar because my arms were shaking so much.

Extra special thank you to Jhon for taking all of these pictures of me without me asking.

I made an effort to be more friendly and to stay and chat with folks. Be proud of me.

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