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Wednesday, June 11, 2014


Double-unders have been programmed twice in the week that I've been at CrossFit IDentity, and like most things in life, practice makes improvement.

Victor, the coach who most frequently coaches the 7 AM WOD and the man I credit with finally getting me into a handstand, told me that I was working too hard for my double-unders. He was obviously right. He gave me some very helpful cues - relax my shoulders, keep a loose grip on the end of the handles, keep my arms at my sides and a little forward, and look straight ahead at some point that would be the horizon if I were outside. And then he fitted my new Again Faster rope to my height. Victor is great if you haven't picked up on that yet.

Speaking of my Again Faster rope - remember when that "Top 12 reasons why this 47-year-old HATES Crossfit" post was making it around the interwebs? The author Mark Johnson from the blog A Write Smart held a meme contest and two people submitted memes. Mark declared both folks winners and since one of those folks was me, I got $25 to Again Faster, which I spent on my beautiful pink jump rope. I love it. It is fitted perfectly to me. I cannot thank Mark enough.

So I heard that the Pink Iron ladies were at CFHK last night. 
Double-unders are one of those skills that you just have to learn and then you have to practice them because otherwise you lose them. And you know what sucks? Whipping yourself like a Fifty Shades of Grey sex scene minus the fun parts. You know what else sucks? Getting your rope wrapped up in your ponytail.

I have started using a hairstyle for double-unders that I call 14.1, after the Open workout, and credit to the Team Dangerous ladies. Put your hair in a ponytail about two inches off of your neck. Add as many clips as it takes to get your layered hair to stay back. Braid the ponytail and secure the bottom with another hair tie. Tuck the end inside your sports bra. Now you can whip a cable around your body two rotations per jump to your heart's content.

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