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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

True Love is Clipping Each Other's Body Fat

Ryan and I had a fun and exciting Tuesday night watching Yukon Men Revealed and clipping each other's body fat with calipers. Nothing says, I love you like stripping down and pinching what jiggles.

That is my tubby flab being calipered by my boyfriend.
I downloaded the app Body Tracker and used the Jackson/Pollock 7 site skinfold equation. My body fat came to 23.56%, which falls under the fitness category but is pushing into the unacceptable acceptable category.
CFID is offered hydrostatic body composition analysis next month and I'm excited to compare numbers. I think we're holding some kind of challenge because the company is coming back in December to measure our improvement.

Ryan wanted to compare his measurements and his body fat percentage to the last time he measured and calipered. I wanted to provide you with some gratuitous topless photos. 

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