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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Civilian Military Combine - New York City 2014

This past Saturday Team CrossFit Hell's Kitchen took on the Civilian Military Combine (CMC) - New York City 2014, and as Social Director, I felt that it was my duty to be there. That, and I just really like my CFHK friends and signed up months ago because I knew I'd be in New York for weddings in September.

I recruited the boyfriend, Ryan, and the boyfriend's cousin, Tommy, to join Team CFHK. I originally convinced Ryan to sign up because it's my goal for him to become best friends with all of my CFHK friends so that everyone I like will be in one place when I come visit New York. Sadly, I don't think that's going to happen BUT Tommy might drop in at CFHK to see how he likes it.

Tommy, Ryan, and I stuck together for the entire race.
Ask Ryan why it's a bad idea to wear those eye black stickers for 2 hours.
I'm less than thrilled with my Pit performance. I didn't hydrate enough and I didn't consider that we might start late so I was pretty hungry. I put in a good effort but I wasn't prepared for the heat. I'm proud of myself for completing every obstacle on the Course even though I was really scared I was going to fall.

in case you wanted to know my birthday...
Darren captures the team as we take off for the course.
I jacked most of these photos from my friends Garland and Rommel. 

Garland, Rommel, and Denis after the race
the Wu Brothers
Janice, Garland, and I before the race.
I love my Hell's Belles tank but the bib safety pins ripped out and now there are holes.
I think Garland looks glorious.
my teammates from Frostbite 2014 have found true love in my absence
Stay tuned for more photos and details once CMC posts the official pics!

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