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Friday, April 28, 2017

Be Hot Yoga

I have spent the month of April going to Be Hot Yoga on Ponce De Leon Place, which is right off of the Beltline near Ponce City Market. It's a super close walk for me and right near the doggie daycare Frank and Daisy Mae go to. (It's called Spot for Dogs and we HIGHLY recommend it.)
I've been thinking about getting back into Bikram yoga for a while. I've been to a few different studios in NY and Houston, but I've never had a regular practice. The boyfriend has been doing Bikram for 7 years, and whenever I say I can't sleep or feel stressed or pretty much anything at all, he tells me that yoga and juicing would fix that. (I'm 99% sure he's not a dirty hippy.) Turns out that Bikram makes me wide awake and I haven't been able to fall asleep after any of the evening classes. Oops.

The nearest Bikram studio is in Marietta and I am not about that OTP life unless it means Chinese food. Be Hot Yoga is right down the Beltline from my apartment and most classes follow the traditional series of 26 postures, although some are combined to meet the 75 minute class format. Some instructors take some artistic license with the series. More about that later.

Be Hot Yoga offers two deals for new clients: $17 for 7 days OR $49 for 30 days. You may only take advantage of one. I signed up for the 30 day special. The very first class made a difference in my mobility at the Loganville Lockdown CrossFit competition the next day. I took Saturday and Sunday off from yoga (that whole competition thing plus a hangover), and then went every day the following week. I felt good but sore.

I have very tight lats and shoulders. My thoracic spine lacks mobility. I've been to chiropractors, PTs, a rolfer, and everyone agrees that there is nothing physiologically wrong with me. My body is a product of years of slumped shoulders, sitting, and hunching over. I'm very much hoping that Bikram poses will give me the range of motion I need to get my arms overhead properly.

I've enjoyed my classes at Be Hot Yoga, but I do wish it was a traditional Bikram studio that followed the script. I like the repetitiveness of the 26 postures and I like knowing which terms cue the end of the movement. One of the instructors said that her talking was supposed to help us focus, but her personal philosophy on yoga was really distracting. All I want to hear is "look back, lean back, way back, change." My favorite classes have been with Jason, the owner, because his style is closest to my Bikram experiences.

I purchased two mats for my foray into hot yoga. One is a Breathe Mat and the other is a Way Mat. They're both non-skid and absorbent. They each have a rabbit flap for rabbit pose, which is convenient. The Breathe Mat is more like a beach towel and the Way Mat is more like a blanket. I was them after every use.

Not that I need to spend anymore money on my fitness addiction, but I would like to continue with yoga. I have noticed an improvement in my posture and I was able to do the back bends in class this week. I still cannot lock my hands overhead in prayer.

The studio is located within Urban Body Studios, which means you have access to relatively nice locker rooms. It's no Equinox, but it's pretty different from most CrossFit locker rooms (which mine doesn't even have, not like I need it.) If you don't live 100 feet away, you'll probably want to shower after class.

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