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Thursday, April 13, 2017

My Perfect Macro Day

This post is about my perfect macro day and why I ruined it. So last night I was playing macro Tetris before bed like I usually do and I was able to get ALL of my macros exactly to the gram. It was effing on point. ESPECIALLY because I had to plan around a pancake dinner at church for Holy Thursday. Not knowing what they would have, I decided 3 pancakes, 4 tablespoons of syrup, and a tablespoon of butter would work. That's a heck of a lot more syrup than I'm used to, but it fit my macros.

All day I was so psyched for my macros. I started my morning with a chocolate protein and cold brew shake in standstill traffic going to CrossFit.

24 P 3 C 1.5 F

I managed to get showered and put together this meal of lemon pepper chicken breast, roasted sweet potatoes, roasted tomatoes, and Brussels sprouts with bacon. Everything except the tomatoes was already cooked, so I preheated the oven before one call and then timed when to put the tomatoes in so I could eat during my 12:30 PM.

with the strawberries it's 75.3 P 77.4 C 35.5 F

Not even I could casually slice strawberries on a video conference so I added 159 grams of strawberries mid-lunch after my meetings were over.

I got my favorite snack this afternoon. It's difficult for me to work milk into my diet because I will happily chug a gallon a day. I try to keep it limited so I don't overindulge.

12 P 33 C 7 F

The pancake station at church had so many more options than just butter and syrup. I decided that I'd much rather trade 3 tablespoons of syrup for some bananas and chocolate chips. Did I ruin my perfect macro day? Yup. Am I unhappy about it? No. And I'm actually pretty proud of myself for skipping the bacon and sausage station entirely. Those foods definitely did not fit my macros, plus I had already enjoyed bacon today.

I'm much happier with this dinner instead. I don't normally track Communion but I figured I'd do it today since I was adjusting everything else. I eyeballed the servings. They might not be exact but I'm actually really good at recognizing serving sizes. I can pour EXACTLY 23 grams or 28 grams of Cheerios depending on the amount that I want.

10.4 P 73.6 C 25 F

Here are my actual macros for today. I traded some carbs for fats, which is okay. I went over on protein by 2 grams, which is 8 calories so pretty negligible. The best part of flexible dieting is that it's flexible.

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