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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Weight Loss Wednesday 4.12.17

I've been really fired up about hitting my nutrition goals all week. It feels like something I want to do, instead of something I feel like I have to do. My weight was 146.4 lbs this morning, down from 149 lbs on Saturday. I've been enjoying all the carbs. It takes effort to hit 200 grams a day after years of trying to avoid carbs like the plague.

It was really cool to hear from you about your thoughts on my Weight Loss Wednesday 3.22.17 post. Two of my friends from the gym who have teenage and pre-teen daughters told me that reading my words gave them insight into what their girls are facing as they get older.

Spending your whole life thinking about losing weight sucks. CrossFit has done a tremendous job at changing the way we think about women's bodies and what they should look like - but I'm going to be honest - I'd much rather look like Sara Sigmundsdóttir than Jamie Hagiya. Jamie Hagiya has been really forthcoming about CrossFit and body image, and what we now expect CrossFit Games athletes to look like. She doesn't have visible abs but she made it to the Games so what should it matter, but I understand her frustration. So the thing about visible abs... they might not make you good at whatever sport you're into, but they're not unattainable like so many articles would have you believe. If your goal is to have visible abs, you, just like any committed bodybuilder, can dedicate yourself to following a nutrition and exercise plan that will get you there. There's a masters athlete at my gym who got himself a set of visible abs AND got sick gymnasty AND PR'd his lifts because he dedicated himself to getting really good at CrossFit. He has a job, he's a dad, and he's married so it's not like he has hours upon hours to workout. He's an inspiration of mine, and I admire his commitment.

Sara Sigmundsdóttir

Jamie Hagiya
I enjoy my Wednesday update posts and I think the name is clever, but I'm not focused on losing weight right now. I'm focused on treating myself better by eating nutritional foods that will help me perform better in the gym and in life. Thanks for reading, and I hope to inspire and inform you as I put my nutrition knowledge to the test.

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