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Monday, June 20, 2011

Runner's World Training Log

I froze my Equinox membership. It is for the best. For the next three months I am on my own in my fitness endeavors, and I think I am up to this daunting challenge. I am going to get lean and actually train for my races. ING NYC Marathon 2011 - here I come!

Since I am obsessed with tracking and data, I signed up for the Runner's World training log. This free service can be accessed here. I am super excited to see my running in graphs and tables, but I am a nerd and I do not deny it. You can also record your favorite routes, your sneakers, your weight, and your heart rate. The sneaker thing is awesome. You log when you bought them and it will keep track of the mileage you put on them. You can even input the mileage a pair has already endured. Sadly, I have no idea, but the next time I buy sneakers, I'm logging them pronto. Vibrams are not an option yet, but I logged mine under other. Come on Runner's World - get on the quasi-barefoot movement!

I got a nice little run in today. My right calf started bothering me though. I blame the ridiculous amount of stairs I am asked to climb each and every day. No day is a rest day when you're acting like a sherpa. I walked a good portion of the route back and put some ice on my calf before dinner. 

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