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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Taking Advantage of the Track

I can't go that many days without exercise. Just can't function without the endorphin rush, and if I'm suffering, everyone I come in contact with suffers too. To avoid spreading feelings of unhappiness, I hit up the university track after work tonight. It was super simple to change into shorts and a t-shirt after my shift. I had stashed my Vibrams in my bag with my change of clothes, and was all set to run by 8:50pm. I decided to run 2 miles on the track before heading home. Everything is great. I've got my iPod, I've got my toe-shoes, I've got some good weekend plans to think about... and then I spot the child on the bicycle. And then I spot her parents. I smile, she's cruising, they're being weird. Now I'm not the only person running on the track. This is a track, mind you. Meant for running. I notice that the family has chosen a lane without a runner, so I go back into my fantasy, and take off. I'm good to go until a snoozefest of a tune comes on, and I go to change it, and the next one sucks too, dear lord, this is my iPod? And then I glance down and there is the toddler literally 8 inches away from my foot. I am going to take her out. I did the only thing I could: I used her as a hurdle.

Dear parents,
I don't run in your kid's playground. Don't let your kids play on my track.
In Shape Out of Mind

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