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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Sippy Cup Optional

I am anti-juice, so much so that it's banned from my classroom. Juice is not a necessary part of a healthy diet for children or adults. Juice is full of sugar and calories - especially fruit juice cocktails. You are much better off eating a serving of fruit than you are drinking 8 ounces of sugared juice product.

Although I rarely drink juice, I occasionally drink water-diluted 100% pure cranberry juice. Sometimes I feel dehydrated but can't stomach anymore plain water. Other times I crave something tart. Yesterday I thought my kidneys might have finally gone on strike and began the process of shutting down.

I love breakfast sandwiches, and I have a gluten intolerance. I drink too much alcohol, and I get horrible hangovers. I wake up at 5, and stay up until 11. I work out intensely, and then go out even harder. Last week combined all of the above, and it was definitely taking a toll on my body. I knew I needed more water, but drinking any made my stomach hurt. I had a pain behind my eye and a dull headache all over. I entertained the idea of eating a stick of butter.

It took only about 20 ounces of pure cranberry juice, but I feel human! I pour about 4 ounces into a large tumbler and then top off the rest with ice water. Remember to only use 100% pure cranberry juice. Take a lesson from Regina in Mean Girls.

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