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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Champion C9 for Target Shorts

Approaching the ING NYC Marathon finish line in Champion C9 shorts.
I am a big fan of Champion C9 for Target shorts. They are comfortable, affordable, and machine-washable. I've run both of my marathons wearing a pair and I do most of my training runs in them. If you travel light (I do not), you can stash your keys in the small inside pocket located near your right hip. These shorts are also good for kickboxing and boot camp classes.

This is me running the Brooklyn Marathon in my C9 shorts.
The thing I like the most about these shorts is that they are unobtrusive. I don't have to constantly readjust them or fight a recurring wedgie the way I do with other shorts. I have a black pair in a size small, but I usually run in a size medium. I like baggier shorts for running.

Champion C9 for Target shorts come in a variety of colors and new styles (same shorts, different prints or color variations) are updated regularly. To order online, click here.

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