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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Does Anyone Ever Truly Run Alone?

So T and I are back to running in the morning. We met at the park at our usual spot but tried to try a new route. Unfortunately the Conservatory Garden was locked up at that hour, but we did run up to the Harlem Meer. I had no idea this body of water even existed until T sent me a map of it on Monday. It was beautiful, but I swear on my Body Glide, if a muskrat made himself visible, I would've killed it or died from a heart attack. There is so much to see in Central Park up in Harlem. Who knew?

I understand that this picture is hard to see because it's dark.
It was hard to see this boathouse/bathroom when I saw it because it was dark.
The Brooklyn Marathon is fast approaching, so it's about time I finish answering ING NYC Marathon questions.

Samantha asked:
3. did any running buddies from your blog run the marathon also? did they run with you?

T also ran the marathon and we traveled over to Staten Island together. I grabbed a taxi (which is normally so easy by my apartment, but was an effing hassle and a half on race day. I had to get one to make an illegal u-turn and scoop me up!) and met T by her place. Then we took the taxi down to Whitehall Station to catch the Staten Island Ferry.

I highly recommend having a friend to hang out with in the runners' villages at Fort Wadsworth. It would have been really lonely if I hadn't had her to chat with. T and I chose to run the marathon separately and were in separate colors. I hung out in the orange village with her until it was time for me to head over to the green village. I would've been happier if we were in the same color.

The Professor is running The Brooklyn Marathon with me on Sunday, so get excited for that tale.

6. how long did it take you? (is that question poor runner etiquette?) are you happy with your time? do you feel like you were well prepared?

I completed the marathon in 4:21:47 and I think it is perfectly acceptable to ask that question. If you are unsure of how a person has run, you can ask, "How did you do?" instead of "What was your time?" I absolutely hate when people ask if I finished. What the hell kind of question is that? If I didn't finish, I would be either be dead or hiding in shame.

I am happy with my time because I didn't really know how I would do. My initial goal was to finish in under five hours so I could get my name in the paper on Monday morning. Once I realized that I was going to reach that goal, I decided that I wanted to come in at under 4:30. I reached both of my goals, but I wasn't tired enough. I think I could have started out faster, or at least picked up the pace at the halfway point.

I want to set a new PR on Sunday.

My best friend littlefishie asked:
What was the best part of the marathon?

The best part of the marathon was running through Brooklyn. There were a lot of funny signs and the spectators were handing out food. I felt really positive about the whole experience.

The worst part of the marathon was running on the 59th Street Bridge. There was this weird noise that sounded like machines, and I kept feeling like I was in a film that was a cross between Tom Cruise's version of War of the Worlds and The Dark Crystal. I also got boxed in by a bunch of foreign runners in weird team uniforms. I get annoyed when I properly pace myself and the people who don't create massive packs/solid chains of tired, slow runners. Get the eff out of my way!

Another best part of the marathon was running along Central Park West. I had the energy left to spring it in and I could tell my parents were really proud of me.

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