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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Matty M Running Tights

I started off 2012 with Assia Winfield at Equinox. I went to pureMuscle and I am sure I am going to feel it in my legs tomorrow.

I went to the Century 21 after class to look for Matty M leggings. Strangely, my favorite running tights are not intended for running. My mom bought a pair for me back in November and told me they were for running. I started to wear them and I loved how they stayed in place. The material isn't typical legging cotton either. I tried to google Matty M running tights the other day and the lack of hits should've been my first sign. It was only after going to Century 21 today that I realized that these pants are for regular wearing. No bother. I bought three more pairs.


  1. I LOVE my Matty M 'running' tights as well! I picked up a couple at Costco about a year ago and want more! Unfortunately I've been unable to find them! Where can you purchase online? My searches have been fruitless :(

  2. Hi Sarindy. I'm glad someone else figured out how great Matty M leggings are for running. I bought mine at Century 21. I don't know if you can find them online.

  3. I agree searching as well cant find

  4. Century 21 still has a huge selection of matty m leggings. I saw them last week. They're sooo hard to find online.


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