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Monday, January 30, 2012

Monday Night Running

Tonight I reunited with my running partner/neighbor. We went for our very first run of the park together. Momentous occasion, I know. We met up after I was done with work, ran over towards the Met and entered by the path over there. We did a nice six mile loop.

It's interesting how a familiar route can feel different with someone else. We also had a lot to catch up on so the run went by very quickly. The drama known as my life can easily fill up 7.18 miles. Or at least I think it was 7.18 miles. These dang buildings keep messing up my satellite reception!

After the run we went to get our respective wallets so we could grab dinner.

Obviously I took that time to try out the timer function on Camera+ again. That's a normal, post-run pose.

It was pretty warm out and I was fine in leggings and my Target top. I think I looked pretty damn cute in my outfit. I also wore my hair in my side-part pony, which is reserved for mildly good hair days or when I am trying to catch the attention of attractive male runners. Or when I think there's a chance I might run past the Backgammon Partner's apartment and he might just happen to walk out of his building or get out of his car as I come past. For the record, we did not pass his place - probably for the best.

I'm a fat kid and clearly could not turn down the running neighbor's offer to get Chinese food. We went to Charley Mom's. This place is conveniently located near both of our apartments and for some inexplicable reason, I have never been there. I love Chinese food. I pride myself in my knowledge of Chinese food. This place somehow escaped me, but not anymore.

If you run with me, you have to get used to being photographed. He'll learn eventually.

We headed over to his place to enjoy our feast. I love when Chinese places give you enough utensils and sauces for twelve people, and you're like, "Umm, no. This is all for me. Just one set of utensils please."

Tasty treats!
On a related note, I drunkenly measured myself over the weekend. I came in at a dehydrated 139 lbs. But then I saw this:

Repeat after me: More running, less Chinese.

It's really not okay that more than a quarter of my body is fat. I think I need an intervention. Please feel free to post pictures of me in Chinese restaurants around Manhattan with a note that says, "Please don't feed the fat kid."


  1. We see you do what most of us do and un-do all the good of your workout immediately. :-)

  2. The goal is to workout hard enough to overcompensate for an addiction to Chinese food and full calorie beer.


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