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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Beach Run

My dad and I arrived in Florida yesterday for our father/daughter vacation. We're at La Playa in Naples. Now don't all of you start showing up and stalking me. By the way, I'm sitting by the pool. (I'm not going to find this funny when my life turns into a Without a Trace storyline.)

People must think I'm nuts as I take pictures of myself sweating.
I woke up this morning confused by my lack of a hangover. Warm weather plus hotel screams blinding headache to me. I took advantage of my clear head, threw on shorts and a sports bra (my neon yellow C9 gear) and walked the 16 feet to the beach.


I did a 5 mile run on the sand. I think it's pretty difficult to run on sand so I started cheating and ran on the wet packed sand. A lot of people wear shoes to run on the beach but I prefer to run barefoot. This can be hazardous as I now have sand in my blister and it's probably going to stay there int September.


Yes, I wore my Garmin. No, I did not wear shoes. Yes, I have a sweet sports bra tan.

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