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Monday, March 12, 2012

Post-Bender Gym Sesh

So it's no secret that I drink... a lot. I manage to make it to work on time (frequently early!), call my mother daily, and I can run a 50K. If I can take 18 minutes of my marathon while single-handedly keeping Dewars in business, I think I am entitled to behave in any fashion that I want. If that means that my super sees me twice a weekend just to change my clothes, so be it.

Today I was back at work, facing another 12 hour day (yes, I am also a workaholic), and I dominated my performance review. Booyah! I decided that retoxing in celebration was probably not the best decision, and headed to Equinox for a little latenight sweat session.

I started off with 25 minutes on the cross ramp. I don't particularly care for the dreadmill and the cross ramp keeps me entertained. My Achilles has been acting like a bitch, and I figured the dreadmill would just kill it.

Maybe running around town in these this weekend has something to do
with my lingering Achilles pain... nah.
Sweating is the best thing to restart your work-week after spending your weekend in fur and reindeer ears and  falling crawling out a window to smoke a pack of cigarettes.

It upsets me that the giraffe always has to sit in the corner.
I rocked out to some Cut Copy and Neon Indian and got my cardio on. I didn't push myself particularly hard, but I figured I made it to the gym and I shouldn't test to see if my heart would give out. No one likes to see a girl keel over in the middle of the gym.

The guy on the cross ramp next to me teared up while watching Ben propose to rabbit mouth Courtney on The Bachelor. I was furiously booty texting. So um yeah. Apparently you shouldn't tell someone he should stop acting like a dick and start using his more often if you'd like him to come over later. Oops.

I just couldn't get a clear shot of this guy as
he went to get a tissue to dab away his tears.
I did some upper body work. I brought the new Oxygen to the gym but it seemed like every article required the cable machine and I just wasn't in the mood to struggle to figure out how to set that thing up by myself. I used 15 and 10 lbs weights to bang out some shoulder, tricep, and bicep moves. Regretted being an ├╝ber bitch because I could tell I was definitely not getting laid after running my mouth (or would that be my fingers? Yes, I insult via text.)

I did some squat kicks and moved onto my trusty adductor and abductor machines. Then I took some creepy photos of myself.

I'm going to get myself arrested when they finally
catch me taking pictures in the locker room.
I should've manned up and did some ab work but I was ready to peace out and the showers had already closed so I needed to head home, or otherwise you wouldn't be getting this post. It's time to get out of these sweaty clothes, but I will leave you with this piece of awesomeness.

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