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Monday, March 26, 2012

White Knee Socks

My new vision hasn't helped my running outfits. Today I got out of work at a reasonable hour, and made it out to run at a little after 6.

Yeah, there aren't any shin guards in there.

It was a lot colder today than I had believed (denial?) and I really dislike pants. I solved this little issue by wearing my sweet compression socks. These look really different on that Shalane Flanagan.


My ensemble looks a lot like my old soccer uniform. Or at least what it looked like a few years after this photo was taken.

I eventually made the A team.
I ran a little over 4 miles. Obviously I paused my Garmin at 2.20 and forgot to restart it. Story of my life.

I hope I didn't break my eyes. The website said I could resume light exercise within two days of the procedure. I consider 4 miles at 8:01 average pace light exercise, but perhaps my doctor would disagree. I did wear the sunglasses they gave me to protect my eyes.

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